Car Towing Equipment

Adjustable Tow Bar

When most people think of car towing they immediately think of calling a tow truck to give them a helping hand. Here at that’s what we specialize in but sometimes people need a way to tow their car themselves. This could be a situation in which a person need to tow your car behind your RV for a road trip or it could be a case in which a person need to transport a special car somewhere for a car show. Here is a look at common ways car towing equipment can help.


When it comes to towing cars people are lucky if the carrier vehicle has a hitch on it but most of the time the receiving vehicle, the car being towed, won’t have anything of the sort. In cases such as these people towing their car will need a variety of equipment to get the job done.

Common pieces of equipment used in this sort of situation are forks. These devices work to fit the spring assembly of the car being towed and come in a variety of styles. A self-adjusting spring fork features a pivoting head and allows for a lot of versatility. On the other hand a chain fork allows people to use your under-lift stinger as a heavy duty truck bar.


In some cases people won’t want the car being towed to move on its own wheels. For example if they have a show car or antique that they don’t want rolling around they can use a dolly instead. A dolly is essentially a piece of car towing equipment that fits on your car’s wheels so that a frame and four smaller wheels are positioned under them. This allows the car to roll without using its own wheels. Dollies come in a variety of styles and there are even those specifically made for race cars.

Steering Wheel and Break Locks

When towing a car people are going to want to get some steering wheel and break locks on it. The good news is that there is a wide variety of steering wheel and lock breaks to chose from such as straps as well as lock bars. This is essential for safe transport of a car in most cases.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding car towing equipment or if you just need a helping hand getting your car from point A to point B, contact us here at, we’re always ready to help.