Hacking protection: EU will oblige smartphone manufacturers to make them more secure

The European Commission has submitted a draft resolution obliging manufacturers of electronics connected to the Internet to strengthen protection against hacking. This is reported by the Associated Press.

According to the EU, cyber attacks occur every 11 seconds, and the annual damage from them around the world is about 5.5 trillion euros.

It is noted that during the coronavirus pandemic, there was an increase in the number of cyber attacks.

In turn, the war in Ukraine has raised fears that the European energy infrastructure could also be attacked in the context of the global energy crisis.

The new law, proposed as the “Cyber Resilience Law”, aims to remove from the EU market all products with digital elements that are not properly protected. The Commission believes that it will not only reduce the number of attacks, but also benefit consumers, as it will improve the protection of personal data.

In the future, manufacturers undertake to be responsible for the safety of devices for the entire expected service life, but not more than five years. Selling devices without protection will result in a fine and a ban on the company’s sales.