Methods of protecting your account from hacking

In the real world, thieves and robbers are operating every second, taking advantage of the carelessness of the layman. And the virtual world, in which hacking accounts, programs and pages, as well as data theft, which is much more mobile and dynamic, simply creates traps and temptations at every step.

Everyone is sure that he will not be robbed, many hope for “maybe”, absentmindedly running to phishing pages or creating simple passwords. Meanwhile, virtual scammers are not asleep and take advantage of the frivolity of self-confident users.

Many users have not been spared various types of hacks and hacker attacks.

Simply because no one is immune from them, since this has become the norm of online life. Most people have definitely received strange SMS messages or invitations to questionable pages from your real or online friends at least once. Users arrogantly (or just absent-mindedly) react to them and fall right into the clutches of hackers and scammers hunting for accounts or credit card data.

But at the same time, the levels of complexity of protection systems also do not stand still. We will not consider options for complicating passwords or not disclosing them to anyone, since this has already become the generally accepted norm. Here we will talk about modern means of protecting accounts on the network, which should never be neglected.